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Chinese calendar is lunisolar calendar which is calculated according to the movement of the moon and the sun. Gregorian calendar is calculated by the movement of sun; when the earth goes around the sun for one circle, it is one year. Generally speaking, lunar calendar is 20 - 50 days later than Gregorian calendar The Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar that is used to determine important festival dates, such as Lunar New Year. Lunisolar Calendar. The Chinese calendar is lunisolar. It is based on exact astronomical observations of the Sun's longitude and the Moon's phases Chinese months; Gregorian-Lunar calendar years (1901-2100) Chinese calendar and holidays; Chinese calendar with Auspicious Events; Chinese Calendar Online; Calendar conversion. 2000-year Chinese-Western calendar converter From 1 AD to 2100 AD. Useful for historical studies. To use, put the western year 年 month 月day 日in the bottom row and click on 執行. Western-Chinese calendar. Chinese Calendar, developed from Chinese Lunar calendar, is a perpetual calendar with daily auspicious and inauspicious events. It is said that the Yellow Emperor Calendar was created by the Yellow Emperor, thus the name Yellow Emperor Calendar. Since the Calendar mainly includes astronomy, weather, season and some taboos that people should observe in daily life and guides Chinese farmers in the farming time, it is also named Farmers' Almanac and known as ''Tong Shu'' (通书.

Chinese Calendar - Festivals & Holidays. Starting February 12, 2021, it is the year of the Ox as per the Chinese calendar. 2022 is the year of the Tiger and the Chinese new year 2022 falls on February 01. Today's Lunar Date: 13 th Day of 4 th Month Year of the Ox. Day Piller: Ren Shen 壬 申 Water Monkey The Chinese Lunar Calendar The Chinese calendar consists of 12 or 13 months that alternate between 29 and 30 days, amounting to about 354 or 384 days—depending on if it's a 12-month year or a 13-month year. Months - The months are based on the cycles of the moon Chinese lunar calendar, as the traditional calendar of China, is also known as rural calendar, Hua calendar, Xia calendar, Han calendar, Chinese calendar and so on. Originated in the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan Period (2717 - 2599 BC), the Chinese calendar is not a pure lunar calendar but a lunisolar calendar. Chinese Lunar Calendar Histor

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  1. A lunar calendar is a calendar based on the monthly cycles of the Moon's phases (synodic months, lunations), in contrast to solar calendars, whose annual cycles are based only directly on the solar year.The most commonly used calendar, the Gregorian calendar, is a solar calendar system that originally evolved out of a lunar calendar system.A purely lunar calendar is also distinguished from a.
  2. It is widely used in Chinese people's daily life. The lunar calendar has links with the four seasons, some traditional Chinese festivals, solar terms (a calendar of twenty-four periods and climate to govern agricultural arrangements in China), 'Five Elements' (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) as well as the Chinese Zodiac. So, it's also called the Chinese Farmer's Almanac calendar , Tung Shing or Tung Shu. You can easily find that many Chinese festivals such as the Spring.
  3. Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar whereas Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar. Here is a Chinese calendar converter to convert Chinese date to their corresponding English date and vice-versa. Also get the corresponding Chinese lunar calendar years and date for any English date
  4. Originated from Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD), the Chinese Gender Chart or Birth Chart is widely used to predict baby's sex. It is based on two elements: the mother-to-be's lunar conception month and Chinese lunar age when the baby is conceived. Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Calendar
  5. Hong Kong Observatory - Gregorian-Lunar Calendar Conversion Table (chinesisch, englisch) Universität Bonn - History of Astronomy: Topics: Calendars, Time and Chronology (englisch) Einzelnachweise Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 16. Februar 2021 um 11:25 Uhr bearbeitet..

China has two calendars which are still followed today, one based on the moon and one on the sun. The lunar Chinese calendar is the most important as it determines the dates of many Chinese traditional festivals. Instead of adding an extra leap day every four years the calendar introduces a whole leap month every few of years The traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar is thus a hybrid timekeeping method that takes into account both the moon's orbit around the earth and the earth's 365-day orbit around the sun. The Chinese accomplish this by adding a 13th month to their traditional calendar approximately once every three years The Chinese lunar calendar is a traditional calendar in China and it is also called Xia Li, Zhong Li, Jiu Li, or Yin Li. It is based on exact astronomical observations of positions of the sun and moon. Thus in essence it is a combined solar/lunar calendar. In the calendar, one year is divided into 12 months and the months have either 29 or 30 days, always beginning on days of astronomical new. Friday, February 12, 2021 is the Lunar New Year and the start of the Year of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Ox begins on Feb 12, 2021

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  1. The Chinese lunar calendar (nong li) was created during the Xia Dynasty and has been used to track the passage of time for millennia. Divided into 24 solar t..
  2. The Chinese lunar calendars knows intercalary months throughout the year, except months during which the so-called zhongqi 中氣 solar terms occur: yushui 雨水, chunfen 春分, guyu 穀雨, xiaoman 小滿, xiazhi 夏至, dashu 大暑, chushu 處暑, qiufen 秋分, shuangjiang 霜降, xiaoxue 小雪, dongzhi 冬至, and dahan 大寒). The name of the intercalary months depends on the month.
  3. But what makes the Chinese New Year, and the lunar calendar, different from most of the rest of the w... Spring Festival is the most important holiday in China
  4. See detailed Chinese Lunar Calendar The age of the new mom should be calculated by lunar age in the traditional Chinese way: the actual age plus one. For example, there is a 26-year-old woman, whose lunar age is 27. She conceived in lunar July. According to the chart, she will give birth to a baby boy. How to conceive a baby girl or boy using Chinese Pregnancy Calendar. You can select several.

The Chinese calendar has 12 or 13 lunar months per year, and is about 20 to 50 days behind the Gregorian calendar. It's used to determine the dates of traditional Chinese festivals, like Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn. It's also used for Chinese zodiac astrology, and many Chinese still celebrate their Chinese calendar birthdays If the time of new moon (first day of the lunar month) or solar term is close to midnight, the dates of the relevant lunar month or solar term in the Conversion Table may have a discrepancy of one day. Such situation will occur on the new moons on 28 September 2057, 4 September 2089 and 7 August 2097, the Winter Solstice of 2021, Vernal Equinox of 2051, Spring Commences of 2083 and Vernal.

The Chinese have adopted the Western calendar since 1912, but the lunar calendar is still very used, not only for festive occasions such as the Chinese New Year. The Chinese calendar is also called YIN calendar, due to the yin/ lunar characteristics as i.e. darkness, night-time, mysterious heaven, passive, softness, moisture, downward seeking, and docile aspects of things Chinese Calendars 2021 Lunar Year of The Ox Calendar Annual Wall Calendar Daily Planner Scheduler Chinese New Year Hanging Calendar Spring Festival Home Office Chinese Restaurant Decoration #3. $6.29 $ 6. 29. $1.99 shipping. 2021 Chinese Calendar Monthly - For Year Of the Ox -100 Happiness Bring Good Luck to You - Measure: 23.5 x 14.5 (XL), USA (Fishes) Chinese and USA Holidays Are.

This is a collection of 2021 Chinese Calendars. It includes 2021 Chinese Lunar Calendar, Zodiac White Metal Cow Calendar, 2021 Chinese Baby Gender Calendar, Chinese Farmer Calendar, Chinese Five Element Calendar, Feng Shui Purple-White Flying Star 6-White Calendar, Chinese Festivals and 2021 Chinese Holidays. 2021 is the 4718th Chinese year Chinese Lunar Calendar Features: 1,Exchange Solar Calendar and Lunar Calendar; 2,Record the important days and dates; 3,Check the weather report of your city; 4,Divine your fortune and future. Read more. Collapse. 4.6 The Chinese calendar combines the lunar and solar systems together. The lunar calendar is the cycle of the moon. The solar calendar divides the year into 24 solar segments according to the sun positions on the tropical zodiac (Similar to western astrology). Each segment's name was given for ancient Chinese farmers' use This method tries to predict your baby's gender based on an ancient Chinese gender chart and uses your lunar age and the lunar month you got pregnant to determine baby's gender. The History of the Chinese Gender Calendar Chart . We've heard several stories about the history of the Chinese Gender Calendar Chart. One legend says that the chart is around 700 years old and that it was found.

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The lunar Chinese calendar is the most important as it determines the dates of many Chinese traditional festivals. Instead of adding an extra leap day every four years the calendar introduces a whole leap month every few of years. The calendar follows the moon precisely so months are either 29 or 30 days long according to accurate predictions of the occurrence of the new moon at a specific. Chinese language zodiac calendar pdf for those who're looking for the calendar to embellish your little one's rooms then determine on the flower or animation based mostly calendar. 2021 chinese language lunar calendar (xin chou yr). Chinese language new yr 2021 is on friday, february 12, the primary day of the yr for the chinese language lunar calendar often known as the lunar new yr. Select. Modern China, like the vast majority of countries in the world, utilizes the Gregorian calendar—our standard solar-based calendar—as its primary means of tracking time throughout the year. That means January 1 in Paris is also January 1 in Beijing. Yet as with so many cultural gems from Chinese history, the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar—a distinct and separate timekeeping method. The Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar used by many Asian cultures. In most of East Asia today, Chinese calendar is used for marking traditional East Asian holidays and in astrology, such as choosing the most auspicious date for a wedding or the opening of a building. It is also used to determine the phases of the moon. Show More. Screenshots. People also like. 美食杰.

The traditional Chinese agricultural calendar is primarily lunar, in that the lunar cycle (a lunation) between new moons is a principal part of the calendar. This cycle averages 29.53 days, but can vary by several hours for any given time of the year. A Chinese year normally consists of 12 months where a month corresponds to one lunar cycle. Each month starts on the day of the new moon. Since. Remarks. The ChineseLunisolarCalendar class is derived from the EastAsianLunisolarCalendar class, which represents the lunisolar calendar. The EastAsianLunisolarCalendar class supports the sexagenary year cycle (which repeats every 60 years) in addition to solar years and lunar months. Each solar year in the calendar is associated with a Sexagenary Year, a Celestial Stem, and a Terrestrial.

Chinese New Year (Chinese: 春節, 春节, Chūnjíe; 農曆新年, 农历新年, Nónglì Xīnnián; or 過年, 过年, Guònián), also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays Beiträge über Lunar Calendar von Eva Cheung. CHINA KOMPASS Mein China-Blog rund um Alltag, Geschichte und Kultur. Menü . Zum Inhalt springen. Startseite; Über diesen Blog; Kontakt; Lunar Calendar Mondkalender und Gregorianischer Kalender: Wie rechnet man chinesische und deutsche Geburtstage um? 6. April 2014 31. März 2020 Eva Cheung 5 Kommentare. Kann man seinen Geburtstag zweimal im Jahr. Baby Gender Calendar. The Chinese Gender Calendar or Birth Chart is widely used to predict baby's sex. It is based on two elements: the mother-to-be's lunar conception month and Chinese lunar age when the baby is conceived Use Chinese Lunar Calendar 2021 to have Exceptional life. To time, the U.S. Angels have raised a lot more than $12,000 with all earnings heading to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. You can just imagine just how the members of the military who obtained these calendars while providing overseas could have experienced. You can acquire a perception like this that's based upon giving anything.

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Chinese lunar calendar for Fullcalendar vue-lunar-full-calendar. Chinese lunar calendar for Fullcalendar. Image and demo. Uses Moment.js for date operations. Installation. But you can also import the standalone component to add locally or for more complex installations. Important function.. For instance, if the woman is 27 years old and her baby is conceived in January (according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar), then her baby will be a girl. The chart is based on the month the baby is conceived and not on the birth of the baby, B-Male, G-Female. Remarks: A Chinese Scientist discovered and drew this chart which was buried in a Royal tomb about 700 years ago..

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  1. Nevertheless, the Chinese People keep their traditional feasts fixed on the dates of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. These feasts are very vivid today such as the Spring Festivities, symbol of the arrival of the Chinese New Year. The Spring Festival takes place always on the first day of the first month on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. But the date on the solar calendar varies with the year. Il is.
  2. Chinese Lunar Calendar 2021 Printable.Download and print this free page with all the important wiccan dates of 2021 tracking the changing of the seasons was traditionally done by following the lunar months rather than a solar year, which is what the modern calendar is based on. 2021 chinese calendar (year of the ox) showing chinese lunar date, 24 solar terms, chinese holidays and festivals in.
  3. The knowledge of the day of his birth according to the lunar calendar makes it possible for a person to better build his own way, to understand the nature of regularities repeating in his life. The lunar number of birth will show what to look for, what to avoid and what to strive for. To calculate your lunar birthday, the sign of the Zodiac and the moon phase, fill out the form below. Select.

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NJStar Chinese Calendar is combination of Chinese-Lunar and Western Solar Calendar software. It has a powerful Electronic Planner which automatically reminds and even performs scheduled jobs for you at predefined intervals. Also included is a World Clock which allows you to look up local time and compare the timezone difference, check out the telephone dialing codes and flight distance between. Although Chinese authority firstly adopted the Western calendar in 1912, Chinese Lunar Calendar, as one of the most important carrier of Chinese culture, is still widely used among Chinese people. The dates of most of traditional festivals base on Chinese Lunar Calendar. Some countries belonging to Chinese-character cultural circle, such as Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam also celebrate the. Our Chinese Gender Predictor calculator forecasts your baby's sex based on an ancient Chinese gender chart and the Chinese lunar calendar. There's no scientific evidence that the Chinese Gender Predictor works. But since there are only two choices - boy or girl - it has at least a 50-50 chance of making an accurate prediction! What is the Chinese gender predictor chart? Legend has it the.

The Chinese lunar calendar and the Gregorian Calendar often sync up every 19 years (Metonic cycle). Most Chinese people notice that their Chinese and Western birthdays often fall on the same day on their 19th, 38th birthday etc. However, a 19-year cycle with a certain set of intercalary months is only an approximation, so an almost identical pattern of intercalary months in subsequent cycles. Chinese New Year Calendar from 1930 to 2030, as well as the Animal Sign and the number of days from today to the next Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year Calendar. The coming Chinese New Year is 2022-02-01, which is 253 days away. This year's animal sign is the Ox from 2021-02-12 to 2022-01-31. Year: Chinese New Year Date : Animal Sign: 1930: 1930-01-29: Horse (1930-01-29—1931-02-16) 1931. Show Chinese Lunar calendar dates on iCloud.com In Calendar on iCloud.com, click in the bottom-left corner, then choose Preferences. In the General pane, select Show Chinese Lunar calendar, then click Save The Chinese conception calendar is based on the ancient Chinese lunar calendar. As you can see, it is based on the month the woman conceives and her age at the time of conception. The most common mistake that people make while using this chart is calculating their age taking into account the western Gregorian calendar. However, the ancient Chinese take the nine months that a person spends in.

Gregorian-Lunar Calendar Conversion Table of 2021 (Xin-chou year of the Ox) Gregorian date Remarks: 2. Sundays are in red Solar Terms 1. Represent the first day of the Lunar month. Title: 2021.xls Author: nwli Created Date: 12/21/2004 3:51:04 AM. According to the Chinese horoscope, a woman, before becoming pregnant, can verify which are the best times for her to conceive her baby if she wishes to optimize her chances to have a boy or a girl.To do so, the peoples of China and Asia have developed a specific Lunar calendar gender predictor, which combines the age of the mother at the time when she gets pregnant with a given period of the. The Chinese Lunar Calendar is mostly based on the motion of the Moon. It is said due to the complicate interaction, mostly from the Sun and the Earth, the motion of Moon is very hard to predict, especially on the long run. Luckily Hong Kong Observatory has published a conversion table for the period from 1901 to 2100. It is the most trustworthy Lunar Calendar I can find on the web so far. In Chinese calendar, A lunar month is corresponds to a variation cycle(0°-360°) of the celestial longitude difference. So, the month in the Chinese calendar starts on the day of a new moon (i.e. the astronomical new moon, not the crescent new moon) and ends the day before the next one. Synodic month(29.48 days) 2013-01-12 03:43:36 ~ 2013-02-10 15:20:06 + New moon day 2013-01-12 00:00:00. This class can convert Gregorian date to Chinese lunisolar. It can take a date in the Gregorian calendar and converts it to the Chinese Lunisolar calendar. It also returns the Chinese zodiacal sign for a given date like for instance tiger, dragon, etc.. The class can also do the opposite, i.e. convert a date in the Lunisolar calendar and convert to the Gregorian calendar

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How to Add Chinese Lunar Calendar to Calendar in iOS 8. It is a good news for Chinese customers that they can directly add lunar calendar to the Calendar on iPhone or iPad with iOS 8, without adding a third-party calendar.And this article introduces how to realize it step by step When is Chinese New Year? Friday, February 12th, 2021. Chinese New Year 2021 falls on Friday, February 12th, 2021, and celebrations culminate with the Lantern Festival on February 26th, 2021. See the full calendar

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Chinese Lunar Calendar Converter 2020. Gregorian to Chinese Calendar Chinese to Gregorian Calendar Year: Month: Date: Chinese Lunar Calendar Converter 2020 . Gregorian to Chinese Calendar. History | Chinese Lunar Calendar The Chinese zodiac consists of twelve animals that first appeared in the Zhan Guo period [5th century B.C.]. No one knows the exact date as of when the zodiac was essentially created, but they were officially identified during the Han Dynasty [206 B.C.-9 A.D.], which was over 2000 years ago

Half way through the lunar calendar year falls on the 1st day of the 6th month, and it is a time to reflect on the year so far. Mainly celebrated in southern China, the Half Year Festival is a small echo of the New Year Festival, with fire crackers, zong zi (glutinous rice) and family get-togethers. According to legend in Jiashanwu Village near Hangzhou a long drought was ended by the efforts. Chinese lunar calendar for Fullcalendar . Contribute to hjdev/vue-lunar-fullcalendar development by creating an account on GitHub

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A Java Calendar for Chinese Lunar. Resources. Readme License. Apache-2.0 License Releases 16. release Latest Sep 3, 2018 + 15 releases Packages 0. No packages published . Contributors 3.. A Chinese Calendar Library in Pure Python. Skip to main content Switch to mobile version Python Software Foundation 20th Year Anniversary Fundraiser Donate today! Search PyPI Search. Help; Sponsors; Log in; Register; Menu Help; Sponsors; Log in; Register; Search PyPI Search. lunardate 0.2.0 pip install lunardate Copy PIP instructions. Latest version. Released: Oct 7, 2018 A Chinese Calendar.

Chinese Lunar Calendar 2018 | Week Printable Calendar - 16653. Nowadays you've got enough reasons to make a calendar on your own. The calendar is a crucial region of the parenting plan. It is a vital tool that adoptive parents use to determine where their children will be staying on any certain day of the year. Converting the calendar is sometimes tricky because the very first day of the. Year of The Ox 2021 Ink Graphic Chinese New Year Lunar Calendar Lucky Good Fortune Zodiac Animals Cool Wall Decor Art Print Poster 24x36. $14.99 $ 14. 99. FREE Shipping. Bike Grand Prix Greats 2021 Wall Calendar (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali and Korean Edition) Gujarati Edition by Duke. 5.0 out of. - Chinese Lunar Calendar - Components of the Calendar. Stems and Branches. Each 60- year cycle is governed by the Ten Celestial Stems, the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, the Yin and Yang of the Five Basic Elements and the Twelve Lunar Animals. The Stems each correspond to a yin (+) or yang (-) of one of the five Elements; each of the Branches correspond to an Animal. In the first year of a 60. As the Lunar New Year approaches on February 12, you're likely to hear about the Chinese zodiac, 2021 being the Year of the Ox, and other traditions associated with the holiday Chances are you have heard about the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and 24 minor solar terms — one of the most popular practices of the Lunar calendar. In fact, the Chinese lunar calendar is a type o

Cannot Remove Traditional Chinese Lunar Calendar in Taskbar I noticed recently that the calendar in my taskbar has chinease characters in it under each of the date numbers as shown below. I've tried going into the Date and Time settings to change the option to disable the additional calendar option as shown below O calendário chinês (Chinês Xia Li (夏曆), Tradicional: (農曆), Chinês Simplificado : (农历), pinyin: nónglì) é o mais antigo registro cronológico de que se tem conhecimento na história. É um calendário que se utiliza tanto do Sol quanto da Lua. [1] A partir dele surgiu o horóscopo chinês.Na Ásia diversos países adotam calendários parecidos com o chinês The Chinese zodiac has been used since the 5th century B.C., and follows the Chinese lunar calendar. Every Chinese New Year, a new zodiac animal is celebrated, like the Year of the Dog, for example. In 2021, the date of Chinese New Year is February 12th, and it is the Year of the Ox. Before it was common to celebrate birthdays, Chinese people would use their Chinese zodiac sign to keep track. A dual solar and lunar calendar . The Chinese calendar is a Lunisolar calendar. That means it uses both the sun and moon to mark the years and festivals. A solar year consists of 365 days. It calculates the time it takes the earth to make one full revolution around the sun — the most well-known calendar system in the world. The Gregorian system is a purely solar calendar. The Chinese.

Aug 13, 2019 - Chinese Lunar Calendar: Download 2020 Chinese Calendar Printable Template, Print Chinese Calendar Baby Gender 2020 Template, Chinese Gender Calendar 2020 However, traditional Chinese festivals, including the lunar Spring Festival, are still following the lunar calendar. For many Chinese people, only when a traditional festival is about to approach and to be celebrated will they check the lunar calendar to confirm the date of the festival. We Chinese take this for granted, but in fact, there is less country will stick to their own calendar on. Add China to your calendar by subscribing to OfficeHoliday's China calendar using iCal, the standard calendar format. Why subscribe? Subscribing to a calendar means you do not have to add a calendar each year and if holidays change, then the calendars will refresh weekly, so that your calendar always has the latest view The Chinese lunar calendar consists of a sequence of lunar years which are divided into 12 or 13 lunar months. A solar year begins at the (northern) winter solstice, which is on or around December 22 in the Common Era Calendar. A lunar month begins on the day of a dark moon. The beginning of a lunar year (i.e, lunar new year's day) is more difficult to define (but see below); it always begins.

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Year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar A Chinese Year (Suì, 岁) is composed of 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and sub-divised in 24 Chinese Feasts, equivalent to the 24 Chinese Solar Terms of a Chinese Year. The major solar terms Zhōngqì (中气) are given in boldface, while the minor solar terms Jiéqì (节气) are given in lightface. As these solar terms are only events of. Most are actually lunisolar calendars, meaning they're lunar calendars with some adjustments to match the seasons and the solar year. Some lunisolar calendars include the Hebrew calendar, the Chinese calendar, the Hindu calendar, and the Vietnamese calendar. The Islamic Republic of Iran also uses a modified version of the Islamic calendar which is lunisolar These calendars have the traditional horse race design with a modern twist. They contain information like public holidays, school holidays and important festivals. The dates also include Hijri dates for the Muslims and Chinese Lunar dates for the Chinese. Other than that, Chinese Zodiacs are also available at the bottom portion of each calendar

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Increase the functions of Chinese lunar calendar, 24 solar terms and holidays Installation npm install --save vue-lunar-full-calendar //main.js import LunarFullCalendar from vue-lunar-full-calendar; Vue.use(LunarFullCalendar); But you can also import the standalone component to add locally or for more complex installations. // index.vue import { LunarFullCalendar } from vue-lunar-full. The Chinese astrological sign changes every lunar year, according to a cycle of 60 years. Thus, each of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, Rat, Ox (Buffalo), Tiger, the Rabbit (Hare, Cat), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep (Goat), Monkey, Dog and Pig (Boar) is associated with an element of Chinese cosmology, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water (12 x 5 = 60 years)

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The date of Chinese New Year, which is also called Spring Festival, changes every year as it is based on the lunar calendar. While the western Gregorian calendar is based on the earth's orbit around the sun, China and most Asian countries use the lunar calendar that is based on the moon's orbit around the earth. Chinese New Year always falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice. This is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, a chart drawn up over 700 years ago and discovered in a royal tomb in Beijing, China. The original is now displayed in the Beijing Institute of Science. This baby gender prediction chart uses your Chinese lunar age. To find your lunar age you usually add on 1 or 2 years to your actual age, but ours calculates this for you. The Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival, is the longest annual holiday.It starts on the first of the Lunar Calendar and lasts until the 15th day. In 2021, the Chinese New Year calendar of events begins on February 11th and ends on February 26th

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