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VIXX Members N VIXX Members Profile. N Born and raised in Changwon, South Korea. He's the youngest in the family. He has 2 sisters... Leo VIXX Members Profile. Leo was born and spent his early years in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Just like N, he's... Ken VIXX Members Profile. Ken lives his. Fun facts: members, trivia, popularity rankings, and more. Famous Birthdays. Search. trivia; popular; trending; random; VIXX. Source License. Source License. Formed: May 24, 2012. Origin: Seoul, South Korea. Genre: Pop. About. Group that was formed by Jellyfish Entertainment in 2012. They were nominated for best Korean Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2015 and 2016. Trivia. They earned. Real V! V-I-X-X! We are VIXX! VIXX (빅스) is a six-member boy group signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. They debuted on May 24, 2012 with the single Super Hero. All members participated in Mnet's survival reality show MyDOL and were chosen via an elimination system through viewer votes N (VIXX) Profile and Facts; N's Ideal Type. N Profile and Facts: N's Ideal Type. Stage Name: N (엔) Birth Name: Cha Hak Yeon (차학연) Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist. Birthday: June 30, 1990. Zodiac Sign: Cancer. Height: 180 cm (5'11) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs

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VIXX is a South Korean boy band formed by Jellyfish Entertainment through the 2012 reality show MyDOL. The group is composed of five members: N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, and Hyuk. Originally a six-member group, Hongbin left the group in August 2020. They are predominantly known as a concept or performance group whose music, lyrics, choreography, and overall stage performances are crafted together to tell a story or concept Height: 183 cm (6'0″) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: O. Twitter: @RAVI_GTCK. Instagram: @ravithecrackkidz. Ravi facts: - He was born in Jamsil-dong, Seoul, South Korea. - His family consists of: Dad, Mom, and a younger sister - I'm the oldest son and I've a sister - Ravi (Haru * Hana Magazine Vol. 15 interview) - Nicknames: Lucky Boy VIXX (Koreanisch: 빅스, Akronym für Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis) ist eine südkoreanische Boyband, die bei Jellyfish Entertainment unter Vertrag steht. Die Bandmitglieder wurden in der Reality Show des koreanischen Senders Mnet, MyDOL, mittels Zuschauer-Votings auserwählt. Die Bandmitglieder von VIXX sind: N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin und Hyu Seventeen Members Profile: S.Coups Stage name: S.Coups (에스쿱스) Birth name: Choi Seung Cheol (최승철) Position: Leader, Hip Hop Team Leader, Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist Birthday: August 8, 1995 Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 178 cm (5'10) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: AB MBTI: INFP Representative Emoticon: Nationality: Korean Instagram: @sound_of_coup

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ATEEZ (에이티즈) is an 8-member group under KQ Entertainment. The group consists of: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. Junyoung will no longer be apart of the final line up. They debuted on October 24th, 2018 with the songs 'Treasure' and 'Pirate King' Age Date of Birth; Xiumin: 31: 1990-03-26: Suho: 30: 1991-05-22: Lay: 29: 1991-10-07: Baekhyun: 29: 1992-05-06: Chen: 28: 1992-09-21: Chanyeol: 28: 1992-11-27: D.O. 28: 1993-01-12: Kai: 27: 1994-01-14: Sehun: 27: 1994-04-1

VIXX. Lee Hong-bin ( Korean : 이홍빈; born September 29, 1993) is a South Korean singer, actor and presenter formerly signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. Hongbin debuted as a member of the South Korean boy group VIXX in May 2012, and began his acting career in 2014 in SBS ' romantic drama Glorious Day as Yoo Ji-ho Cha Hak-yeon, better known by his stage name N, is a South Korean singer, actor, presenter, and radio host, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. Debuted as a member of the South Korean boy group VIXX in May 2012, he began his acting career in 2014 in MBC's romantic-melodrama Hotel King as Noah. He has since had roles in The Family is Coming, Cheer Up! and Tomorrow Boy. N began his career as a radio host in May 2015 with his show VIXX N K-pop on SBS Power FM Age Date of Birth; Profile: Saerom: 24: 1997-01-07: Profile: Hayoung: 23: 1997-09-29: Profile: Gyuri: 23: 1997-12-27: Profile: Jiwon: 23: 1998-03-20: Profile: Jisun: 22: 1998-11-23: Profile: Seoyeon: 21: 2000-01-22: Profile: Chaeyoung: 21: 2000-05-14: Profile: Nakyung: 20: 2000-06-01: Profile: Jiheon: 18: 2003-04-1 Age Date of Birth; Shownu: 28: 1992-06-18: Minhyuk: 27: 1993-11-03: Kihyun: 27: 1993-11-22: Hyungwon: 27: 1994-01-15: Jooheon: 26: 1994-10-06: I.M: 25: 1996-01-2

We don't really see big differences in height among VIXX members, which makes hard for us to figure out height. What we do notice is that they seem tall, real tall, especially when they are with boys from other groups. The majority of boy idols are around 175 ~ 178 cm. However, all VIXX members stand taller than the majority. Maybe it's the shoes? Well, I don't think boys shoes can get that high. Come to think of it, they've pulled off many diverse concepts so perfectly from suits. VIXX Ken will enlist in the military on July 6, 2020. On May 12, Jellyfish Entertainment stated , VIXX's Ken will be enlisting on July 6. Due to safety reasons, we will not be publicly announcing the location and time of his enlistment Age Date of Birth; Profile: JB: 27: 1994-01-06: Profile: Mark: 27: 1993-09-04: Profile: Jackson: 27: 1994-03-28: Profile: Jinyoung: 26: 1994-09-22: Profile: Youngjae: 24: 1996-09-17: Profile: BamBam: 24: 1997-05-02: Profile: Yugyeom: 23: 1997-11-1

Next VIXX Members Profile, Full Biography UPDATED! Related Articles. Cool Minecraft Garden Ideas | Minecraft Farm. September 15, 2019. Cool Minecraft Underground Base Ideas . September 12, 2019. Check Also. Block B Members Profile, Age, Birthdays, UPDATED! Block B Members | This time you'll meet the most controversial Korean boy group so Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address. Hongbin is no longer a member of the K-pop group VIXX. His agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, confirmed in a statement Friday that the 26-year-old South Korean singer -- whose full name is Lee Hong. At a young age, he showed an inclination towards athletic activities such as boxing, soccer, swimming, and taekwondo in which he reached blue belt ranking. In 2004, he became a member of the National Youth Soccer squad. After matriculating from high school, he enrolled at Baekseok University where he studied for a degree in music composition. The Christian university is located in Cheonan. In this page you can quickly check the age of the GFRIEND Members today, and on their debut. Their age is updated on load, so it's always updated to their current age. GFRIEND Members Current Age GFRIEND Members

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  1. Hongbin is a member of popular Korean boy group called VIXX. Before their debut, VIXX members were chosen through a reality program called MyDol. Later the name VIXX was chosen by a fan poll (it was originally VIX but they thought it's nicer to add one more X). The name VIXX stands for Voice, Visual, Value in eXcelsis. In Excelsis stands for In the highest degree in Latin
  2. QUIZZES Find out which VIXX member's ideal type you are the closest to! Today; Following; Trending; Kpopmap. HOME; TODAY; FOLLOWING; TRENDING; Categories. Event Giveaway, MV Quiz; Quiz Idol, Actor; Vote Poll, Ideal Type world Cup; Calendar Comeback, Debut, Birthday; May 2021 K-Pop Lineup; Online Concert Online Fan Meeting; K-Pop; K-Drama Cast & Summary; Review Comeback Stage, Album.
  3. k-popped.com A Boy-group Called Best, Absolute, Perfect. B.A.P is a boy-group from South Korea that debuted under TS Entertainment. When they debuted on January 26, 2012, the group had six members, but now they only have five: Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, and Zelo. On August 23, 2018, it was confirmed that Bang Yongguk's contract with TS Entertainment expired, and he decided not to.
  4. -Age trivia: Ravi was 26 years old when started his own record label GROOVL1N.-He was a contestant on Mnet's survival show MyDOL. As one of the six winners, he debuted as part of the final lineup in the boy group VIXX. -Ravi was part of Jellyfish Entertainment from 2012 to 2019.-In 2019, he left Jellyfish Entertainment and started his own record label GROOVL1N. He remains a member of VIXX.
  5. A post shared by VIXX OFFICIAL (@vixx_stargram) on Sep 11, 2019 at 8:00am PDT VIXX also made the teaser for their 2019 Season's Greeting. This time, all of the members are there

Ravi (라비) is a South Korean rapper under GROOVL1N. He is a member of the boy group VIXX and their sub-unit VIXX LR. He made his solo debut on January 9, 2017 with his first mini album R.eal1ze. 1 Career 1.1 2012: Debut with VIXX 1.2 2017: Solo debut 1.3 2019: Departure from Jellyfish Entertainment, launch of GROOVL1N 2 Discography 2.1 Studio albums 2.2 Mini albums 2.3 Mixtapes 2.4 EPs 2.5. VIXX Members Profile: VIXX is a 6-member South Korean boy group under 젤리피쉬엔터테인먼트(주). The members are N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, Hyuk. VIXX debuted through the song <SUPER HERO> on May 24th, 2012 Members Names N (엔) Ravi (라비) Leo (레오) Ken (켄) Hongbin (홍빈) Hyuk (혁) Average Age 24.

BASIC INFO. 氏名| Name: - Tess. 異名| Age: - 20. 誕生| Birthday: - July 28. 年齢| Location: - United State Leo - singer. Name: Jung Taek-woon. Born : November 10 1990. Age: 25. Height: 183 cm. Position : Main vocal. Group : VIXX, VIXX LR. Instruments: pian Jung Taek-woon (Korean: 정택운; born on November 10, 1990), better known by his stage name Leo (Korean: 레오), is a South Korean singer, songwriter and musical theatre actor, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment.Leo debuted as a member of the South Korean boy group VIXX in May 2012, and began his acting career in 2014 in the musical Full House as Lee Young-jae He was trained together with VIXX members; Jun was a dancer at 1Million Dance Studio; He practiced at CJ Entertainment for 3 years; He appeared in I Can See Your Voice 4; Jun became one of the main roles in the musical PESTE along with Jeongmin (BOYFRIEND) Jun has two big sisters; Red is Jun representative color; Jun started his dream of becoming a singer when he was 19 years old and then. Hongbin is the same age with Ravi. Hongbin is so handsome that all of Vixx members say he is like a statue. Hongbin had a decision that he want to be a singer when Ken was a high school student , he had a competition hongbin was there in guests they don't know each other. I think it's like a destiny. Hongbin was a basketball pro player in middle school, he was going to be a basketball player.

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Hyuk is is most handsome VIXX youngest idol member. P.O (BLOCK B): P.O (February 2, 1993) - P.O is a South Korean boy group BLOCK B member. P.O is BLOCK B youngest kpop idol. Kyuhyun (Super Junior): Kyuhyun (February 3rd, 1988) - Kyuhyun is a South Korean boy group Super Junior member. Kyuhyun is most handsome Super Junior youngest kpop idol member. Voting Contest. Who is the king of kpop. Vixx are the Kings of Concepts, let's just get that out of the way. This is uncontested and will continue to be uncontested. Their body of work supports this, with their numerous concepts including superheroes, video games, vampires on the moon, Jekyll and Hyde, voodoo dolls, cyborgs, and Greek mythology.The group returns with Scentist, their first comeback as a full group since 2017. Composed of members Leo and Ravi, VIXX LR is the very first sub unit of concept-dols VIXX. kpopping. pics; music; database. × Browse calendar bias battles. Idols male idols female idols. Groups boy groups girl groups coed groups. companies music shows. Community Sponsor. editor tools. VIXX LR Leo. Ravi. Introduction to VIXX LR. Composed of members Leo and Ravi, VIXX LR is the very first sub. Because of that reason, at age of 14, he's chosen as a SHINee member. Taemin SHINee Relationship Status. Sulli of girl group f(x) often linked to Taemin's personal life. At least at their earlier careers. Now Taemin often said that he wants to date regular girl, not of celebrity types. He also admits that he doesn't really care about physical looks, he always wants a smart girl. Taemin. And now, after 7 years from the day he made a debut with fellow VIXX members, N has to say goodbye for a while to ST☆RLIGHT, the fandom name of VIXX's fans because N will have to be inactive for about two years because he has to complete his military service which is mandatory. VIXX's N Announces the Date. The first time N officially announced the date of his military service was on.

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  1. i album Canvas.1 1 Personal life 1.1 Military service 2 Discography 2.1 Mini albums 2.2 Digital singles 2.3 Collaborations 2.4 OSTs 3 Producing and writing credits 4 Filmography.
  2. The VIXX leader, who is currently 29 years old according to Korean age, also shared his thoughts on getting older. I used to have a lot of anxiety, said N
  3. Age: 30; Cha Hak Yeon, better known by his stage name N, is a South Korean singer, actor, presenter, and former Radio Host. Born in Changwon, South Korea, N's family consists of himself, his parents, one older brother and two older sisters. He studied at Howon University and spent a year in Japan. Before debuting with VIXX, N participated in a musical called Kwanghwamun Love Song and entered.
  4. Ken (Hangul: 켄) is the Main Vocalist in VIXX. He debuted with VIXX on May 25, 2012 with their 1st single album SUPER HERO. He debuted as an actor in the drama Boarding House No. 24 as Lee Jae-Hwan in 2014. He debuted as a musical actor in the musical Chess as Anatoly Sergievsky in 2015. 1 About 2 Discography 2.1 Soundtracks 2.2 Collaboration 3 Videography 3.1 Television Drama 4.

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  1. Hongbin is so handsome that all of vixx members say he is like a statue. update bts members birthday, age, zodiac, baby pictures. Vixx's ravi once again showed just how much he loves his little sister. Welcome st☆rlights to /r/vixx, the subreddit dedicated to the south korean pop group vixx. Hongbin is the same age with ravi
  2. Feb 19, 2018 - Click here to view the Tweet Couple goals remember the gayest interaction of 201
  3. Love VIXX? Wanna know which member would date you? Take this quiz & find out!... October 21, 2012 · 43,056 takers. Love & Friendship Music Vixx Boyfriend K Pop Report. Add to library 64 » Discussion 78 » Follow author » Share . Who Is Your VIXX Boyfriend? :D. Ravi Is My Love. 1. 6. What is your Personality?.
  4. With 21 members and counting, keeping track of age in NCT can be a challenge. Not counting early birthdays, however, Taeyong, Yuta, and Johnny all share the distinction of being born in 1995. All.
  5. Happy birthday to VIXX's Hyuk! On July 5 the VIXX member celebrated his nineteenth (international age) birthday. As part of his celebration, Hyuk shared photos of his birthday part through his.
  6. K-STARS IDEAL TYPES VIXX is still one of the hottest K-Pop boy group out there even though it is their 6th year since debut. Fans can't help but wonder what is the ideal type of each member. If you are interested, click to find out more about them
  7. und I.N. Stray Kids veröffentlichten die Pre-Debut-EP Mixtape im Januar 2018, und debütierten offiziell am 26

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  1. Who is Leo? Jung Taek-woon was born on 10 November 1990, in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, South Korea. He is a singer, actor, and songwriter, best known for being a member of the K-pop boy group VIXX, which he has been a part of since 2012
  2. Block B Members Profile, Age, Birthdays, UPDATED! February 11, 2019 KPOP 0. Block B Members | This time you'll meet the most controversial Korean boy group so far, Block B. This group was formed by Stardom Management, under its producer Cho PD. It has seven members: Zico, Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, Park Kyung, P.O, and U-Kwon. They had their first debut in 2011 Read More » Bigbang Members.
  3. VIXX OFFICIAL on Instagram: . 20190511 2nd SINGLE #SPRING #SPOILER . 머나먼 길을 건너서, 햇살보다 눈부신 너와 . #혁 #HYUK #If_Onl
  4. Summary: Super Junior is an 11-13 member boy band, depending on when in their career you got into them and how much you believed KiBum was a still a part of it before he left. They debuted with the song Twins (Knock Out) on November 6, 2005. In its entirety, the band has had 13 ½ members. The 13 ½ members, in age order, are LeeTeuk, HeeChul, HanKyung, YeSung, KangIn, ShinDong, SungMin.
  5. g Birthday. Currently, Hyuk (VIXX) is 25 years, 9 months and 28 days old. Hyuk (VIXX) will celebrate 26th.
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VAV Members | VAV or abbreviated as Very Awesome Voice is the k-pop boy band group under A Team Entertainment, which is consisted of seven members. Their member's each name are St.Van, Baron, ACE, Ayno, Jacob, Lou, and Ziu. Their first debuted on October 31, 2015, whilst still with their three former member Zehan, Xiao, and Gyeoul with Xiao had become the first member to leave VAV at 2016. Team vixx is almost 200 members! Player. CRZ BahramTTV. Listing Information. Looking For-Editors Im 13 But Dont let my age fool you. Log in or register to post comments; CRZ BahramTTV. In reply to I am a highly skilled by Shot. CRZ BahramTTV. 22nd Jun 2020 - 4:55pm . Ah dont worry, we dont have Age limit in our discord server, you should be able to press on the link but ill give it to. VIXX's Ravi cracks up after Rocket Punch's Juri tells him to get out on his own radio show. Sophie-Ha Thursday, January 28, 2021 9 16,117. 38 5. Original Content. 14. These comedy dramas are.

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At a young age, Jae Hwan entered and won many singing competitions at local festivals. He later performed and won more singing competitions in middle school as part of a team with his friends. He has won multiple song-writing awards prior to debuting with VIXX. Despite an absence of any of dance experience, Ken was able to pass his audition to Jellyfish Entertainment because of his singing. Sep 9, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Elan Neufeld. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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MYTEEN (마이틴) is a South Korean boy group that consists of 7 members under The Music Works. The group includes Taevin, Chunjin, Eunsu, Xiheon, Junseop, Y.. Nov 14, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Dee Barnes. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Read Which Vixx Member Are You? from the story KPOP ZODIAC by paradiseproject (라라) with 715 reads. seventeen, snsd, got7. Hi everyone

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Mar 16, 2018 - Prince Taekwoon is a tumblog dedicated to VIXX's main vocalist - Jung Taekwoon aka Leo. Here is the best and the fastest source for photos, video, info and everything related to Leo and VIXX. Please do not edit fantaken photos or videos Lee Hongbin, who also goes simply by Hongbin, is a South Korean singer and actor. Born as Lee Hong Bin on September 29, 1993, he is best known for being a member of the K-pop boy group VIXX, which debuted in 2012. He made his acting debut in the 2014 television drama Glorious Day and then landed his first leading role in the 2016 drama Moorim School and also starred in Witch's. Hongbin (Hangul: 홍빈) is Lead Rapper and Vocalist in VIXX. He debuted with VIXX on May 25, 2012 with their 1st single album SUPER HERO. He debuted as an actor in SBS' drama Glorious Day as Yoo Jiho in 2014. On August 7, 2020, his departure from VIXX was announced.1 1 About 2 Discography 2.1 Collaborations 2.2 Soundtracks 3 Videography 3.1 Drama 3.2 Variety Shows 4 Links 5 References. Sep 28, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by 멍. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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Age 25 years old. Birth Sign Cancer. Birthday July Jul 5, 1995 . Birthplace Daejeon, South Korea. Popularity . Most Popular #50279. First Name Han #8. Born in Daejeon, South Korea #7. About. K-pop singer and actor who became well known as dancer and vocalist for the boy band VIXX starting in May of 2012. He booked his debut film role in 2016's Seize It to Live. Before Fame. At Hanlim Multi Art. VIXX - VIXX (Korean: 빅스; acronym for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis) is a six member South Korean boy band, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. All members were on Mnet's reality show, MyDOL. The members were chosen in an elimination system N - 24 Leo - 24 Ken - 22 Ravi - 21 Hongbin - 21 Hyuk - 1 Hyuk is is most handsome VIXX youngest idol member. Its not easy for K-Pop idols to keep going once they hit their later years as the intense schedules can start taking a toll. The Youngest we have had debuted at the age of just 13 Normally the ages are 1624 Jinho from Pentagon He was born on April 17 1992 in Daejeon South. Subin April 05 1999 Subin is a South Korean boy group VICTON member.

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At the time of the show, Hyuk had only trained for 3 months compared to the many years of his future VIXX members! 9. Lovelyz' Jung Yein - 4 months. From passing a private audition to debuting. VERIVERY is the new boy group of seven members from Jellyfish Entertainment. Many fans have high expectation as they are the younger brothers of VIXX. It was announced that in September, they will appear in a reality program named NOW VERIVERY on Mnet. VERIVERY is the acronym for various, energetic, real and innovation (VERI). The group is very talented and want to be remembered as. VIXX member N has shared that he had once been considering taking on a role in Age of Youth 2. N was on a Naver V Live show hosted by Rooftop Moonlight on September 11, during which he.

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Baekhyun (EXO Member) Profile, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Facts. January 14, 2020 0. Byun Baek-hyun (born May 6, 1992) is popularly known as Baekhyun who is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo, its sub-group Exo-K, its sub-unit Exo-CBX, and South Korean supergroup SuperM. In July 2019, he debuted as. Another clever phrase, NaRaSae is a word the VIXX members say to their fans to show their affection. NaRaSae is basically a unique pronunciation of the phrase SaRangHae (which means I love you) backwards. So read SaRangHae backwards for HaeRangSa and add a little VIXX affection to it to get NaRaSae. How adorable! It's become a secret code among the VIXX members and Starlights Red Velvet Members Profile, Age, Height & Facts: Red Velvet (레드벨벳) is a South Korean girl group which consist 4 members named Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy. The group is formed by SM Entertainment in mid 2014. Red Velvet gains huge popularity for music album including The Red, Ice Cream Cake, Gaon Album, Rookie and The Red Summer VIXX (Korean: 빅스) is a six member South Korean boy band, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. All members were on Mnet's reality program, Mydol. Leader N June 30, 1990 (age 22) Leo November 10, 1990.. Age: 27; Lee Hong Bin, most often credited as Hong Bin, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a Ex-member of the South Korean boy group VIXX. Hong Bin began his acting career in 2014 in SBS's romantic drama Glorious Day. Hong Bin was one of ten trainees who were contestants in Mnet's survival reality show MyDOL and was chosen to be apart of the final line-up and the 6-member boy group.

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Age: 28 Kim Won Shik, better known by his stage name Ravi, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, producer, and CEO of hip hop label GROOVL1n. He is the main rapper of the South Korean boy group VIXX, and VIXX sub-unit VIXX LR N (엔) is a South Korean singer and actor under 51k. He is the leader, main dancer and a vocalist of the boy group VIXX. 1 Career 1.1 2020: Departure from Jellyfish Entertainment 2 Personal life 3 Discography 3.1 Digital singles 3.2 OSTs 4 Producing and writing credits 5 Filmography 5.1 Dramas 5.2 TV movies 5.3 Reality shows 5.4 Variety shows 5.5 Music shows 5.6 Radio shows 6 Musical theatre.

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Sorry for bothering and asking so much questions :/ I wonder does the age matter for the VIXX members? Would they think about dating someone younger? Even if they are 15 and really mature? You're fine! ^.^ Umm, Hyuk would be the most okay with this just because it's only 3 years. The rest, I honestly think, would wait until you're older just because the others are (you're a 98 liner, right?) 7. Find out which band members from VIXX have their own Fan Crush Page VIXX's N (Cha Hak Yeon) has enlisted in the military. On March 4, N enlisted at the Nonsan Army Training Center where he will receive basic military training until he is assigned to a unit to. So, how much is Kim Won-sik worth at the age of 27 years old? Kim Won-sik's income source is mostly from being a successful Rapper. He is from South Korea. We have estimated Kim Won-sik's net worth, money, salary, income, and assets. Net Worth in 2020: $1 Million - $5 Million: Salary in 2019: Under Review: Net Worth in 2019 : Pending: Salary in 2019: Under Review: House: Not Available. Wanna One Members Profile, Age, Height & Facts: Wanna One (워너원) is a South Korean boy band which consist 11 members. The members are Jihoon, Jaehwan, Lee Daehwi, Lai Kuanlin, Daniel, Park Woojin, Jisung, Jinyoung, Seongwu, Sungwoon and Minhyun. The group debuted on August 7, 2017 and formed by CJ E&M and now also under [ i'd love kpop n i sell kpop stuff. i'm indonesian 15 age girl. VIXX HANGUL MEMBER NAME T-SHIRT. December 18, 2016 by deaamartya, posted in Uncategorize

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